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Letter: Moffat County needs Savannah Wolfson in the Colorado House

Agriculture is the heartbeat of Moffat County. As part of a ranching family, I am very interested in the House District 26 race, and I fully endorse Savannah Wolfson for state representative.

I have thoroughly researched both candidates. The more I watch, the more I see that this race is extremely crucial to us, and there needs to be a sense of urgency in Moffat County to get Savannah Wolfson elected. We are up against extremist, Boulder policies that are completely out of touch with Moffat County, and Savannah Wolfson is our hope and ally in this fight. She will give us a voice.

Savannah is the only HD26 candidate who has attended Moffat County Farm Bureau Meetings. Farm Bureau’s PAC organization sent Savannah a check after interviewing both candidates. They understand the importance of this race. Savannah attended our Craig CPW meeting on wolves and testified in favor of lethal management at another wolf meeting. Both candidates debated at Club 20, which I highly recommend you watch. Type in “House District 26 Club 20 debate,” on YouTube and see for yourself.

Only one candidate was in tune with rural issues. It was apparent that Savannah attended Club 20 policy meetings outside of the debates. Savannah has visited our Colorado State Capitol during session and shadowed a lawmaker who serves on the Agriculture, Water and Livestock Committee. Savannah found this committee worth her time to attend and observe. It is imperative that we have a representative who is interested in the Agriculture, Water and Livestock Committee.

The numbers of lawmakers qualified in this area are dwindling constantly, and we don’t want urban representation swamping out rural issues. The representation from the Western Slope should be someone who goes to Snyder and Counts Feed to buy supplies and has watched the cost of feed skyrocket along with the rest of us. Water and energy are also huge reasons I have chosen to support Savannah.

She understands that the Front Range and Lower Basin want our water and will put us first. She has never chosen the Front Range over the Western Slope. She supports farmers over environmental extremists in our discussions on water. She has researched and is speaking competently to these issues, while also being willing to humbly listen to those who know more than her.

Colorado Rep. Perry Will, a strong advocate for Moffat County agriculture, has endorsed her. For our energy jobs, we must have a candidate who does not flip-flop depending on the audience. Savannah Wolfson is the only candidate who supported our local energy workers before running for office. Moffat County’s heartbeat is under constant attack. We need action, not lip service. Please join me in voting for Savannah Wolfson for House District 26.

Shandy Deakins


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