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Letter: Lifelong learning

To the editor:

As all of the kids, from kindergarten to college, are back in school, so are some of the Senior citizens!

We are so fortunate here in Moffat County to have CNCC available to us. The college has a senior advocate in Ms. Mary Morris, who cheerleads for us in getting classes that interest our age group.

Classes in computers-all levels from very beginning to super advanced, memoirs writing, sewing, all sorts of classes, are available at free or reduced costs. And she plans wonderful “senior” trips for us so we can take our learning on the road.

Who said education is just for kids?

Here in Maybell, we encouraged Ms. Morris to continue our Memoirs classes from the spring semester all the way through the summer. We have our sessions twice a month.

I never thought that I could write a story, much less my memoirs, but with Mary’s encouragement and guidance, I have not only enjoyed the classes, but have a whole notebook full of stories from my past to pass on to my children and grandchildren.

And there will be more to come!

We used to have computer classes with Michael Lausin available here in Maybell also, but they have been temporarily suspended until the college finds another place to hold them.

Those classes were so informative and helpful in guiding us through the “mysteries” of the computer. After several years in the classes, we learned to navigate through the internet, EBay, e-mail, do letters and other pertinent documents, and we learned all sorts of useful and fun things to do with our computers.

Hopefully our classes will continue again, real soon.

If there are any senior citizens out there reading this letter and you have the desire and the time to learn something new and interesting, join the groups that Mary Morris has worked to get for us. We have this wonderful new building for the college, let’s join the youngsters in enjoying it.

It’s never too late to join in, and you will definitely enjoy yourself and perhaps learn something you never knew before! It’s just so much fun to meet new friends, renew friendships from the past, and share your experiences with each other and continue on our life long learning process.

Lois Stoffle

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