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Letter: Keep Craig beautiful

To the editor:

This is for the person or people who deemed (means thought) it was appropriate (means OK) to leave several large bags of trash and broken beer bottles on top of the Sandrocks above Moffat County High School:

I’m a person who loves the outdoors, no matter what the season. Just being outside brings me much joy and happiness.

The pristine (means untouched) beauty of Craig and Moffat County often astounds me (means blows me away), and I know many others who live here who feel the same way.

Walking on top of the Sandrocks in the spring is one of the many privileges (means benefits) of living here.

Stumbling upon your deposit (means what you left behind) initially (means at first) left me feeling incensed (means very angry).

I started contemplating (means thinking about) how small and sad your life must be not caring about your community (means the village, city or town you live in), or the people in it.

I imagine that living in a willfully (means your choice) ignorant (means not smart) manner must leave you feeling quite bereft (means empty) of other ways to solve your trash problems.

Perhaps this is why you did not consider other options (means ideas) such as calling a friend with a truck to help you take your trash and beer bottles to the dump.

I imagine you may not even read this letter since reading the newspaper requires effort, concentration (means thinking), and a desire to know more about where you live. Despite this, I am grateful for the other 99 percent of the city of Craig for their willingness to make good choices and do the right thing so that we can all enjoy this amazing part of the country we live in.

Jackie Schnellinger

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