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Letter: In support of Audrey Danner

To the editor:

We would like to write our letter in support of Audrey Danner for Moffat County Commissioner.

To our knowledge, all the candidates possess qualities that make them great public servants, however Audrey edges them out in experience and balance. Without Audrey, our county commissioners will consist of two rookie commissioners.

At least half of the role of commissioner is being a county administrator, and we need that administrative experience.

To explain my reason of balance, Audrey is best versed in representing all facets of Moffat County. She has contacts and relationships with town, country, energy, business, agriculture, recreation and environment entities and carefully represents them all.

She understands solutions must come from all of the above and not from just one group.

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In closing, we would like to acknowledge Audrey Danner’s years of selfless contribution to Moffat County.

Also, we would like to express that even though we may not always agree with Audrey, we know she considers everybody concerning every decision, a trait all Moffat County Commissioners should have.

Thank you for considering supporting Audrey Danner for Moffat County


John and Debbie Wellman