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Letter: Dress code enforcement is important

To the editor:

As a parent and grandparent in Moffat County, I have been to numerous schools in our district.

I have worked at them, volunteered at them, and pick up my children and/or grandchildren daily.

I receive the dress code requirements for our schools, and really have no problem with them. But, it has come to my attention as the weather has gotten warmer that some people are wearing summer dresses with spaghetti straps, mini-skirts, and tank tops that show an awful lot of cleavage.

The people wearing these things were not school children.

So, my question becomes, how can we as parents and you as school personnel enforce a dress code for our children when the administrators, teachers, and school district employees are not adhering to that dress code?

I’m not trying to rock the boat, but I am just saying.

Cheryl Chase

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