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Letter: Dr. Joel Miller deserving of praise

To the editor:

I have been thinking of writing again and after seeing the letter from Renee Fuller, I echo her praise about Dr. Miller.

He is the best doctor in this town since Dr. Told left, and I had him for 35 years.

About a year and a half ago, I had to go to the hospital and I had to go to another doctor because Dr. Miller isn’t allowed to admit patients.

My blood pressure was way too high and the doctor couldn’t get it down for six months, so I had Dr. Miller check me out.

I had gone to him before and guess what, he changed my medicine little by little, explaining to me what each pill was doing for my blood pressure.

In three weeks I was back at normal, whatever that means.

My blood pressure has been normal now for a whole year thanks to Dr. Miller.

I had many other positive experiences in my time with Dr. Miller.

Many of the people around town I know are hoping and praying everything gets cleared up because they will be losing the best doctor in town.

I could go on and on about the many “good stories.”

I heard he has saved many people in Craig.

Frances B. Chisholm