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Letter: Daily Press’ treatment of doctor unfair

To the editor:

It seems crazy to me that as hard as it is to recruit and keep good doctors in Craig that our paper would resort to this smear campaign against Dr. Miller.

I am a small business owner with a big family and no health insurance for myself. Dr. Miller has kept me out of the operating room, which would have bankrupted me, for three years now. He has the most reasonable office visit fee in town and probably the biggest clientele.

A person got caught selling their prescription meds and blamed Dr. Miller to get themselves out of trouble, end of story.

No proof. No Charges. No conviction.

They have raided his office, found nothing, and it was his right to not speak with the Hayden police the other night. I would have been a little leery of the police myself after what he has been through.

Remember innocent until proven guilty? It seems that’s not always the case with this paper.

Brad King

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