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Letter: Creating volunteer interest

To the editor:

I’m new to this, creating an interest in volunteer work.

To start, I apologize to those who might have taken offense to my letter before this one.

I’m sorry.

So I need to thank everyone in the community of Craig who has helped me in my time of desperate need. Thank you all, and I am very grateful. Even to those who have considered to help. Thank you, too.

I thank all the people of Love, INC, for going out of their way to help me, and all those in need. I thank you for your prayers, too.

Most of all, I am very thankful for my best friend, mentor and spiritual counselor, Mr. Neil Folks, who’s been there for me and with me in my time of need.

Now, my first letter to the community was not meant to be critical or to criticize any one organization or individual, but to create an interest in volunteering for the community of Craig.

The nonprofit organizations that volunteer time and effort also need volunteers. The intent of the letter was and still is to create an interest in the public to volunteer and help the people in these nonprofit organizations that volunteer to help the community of Craig, especially those of us who have been helped by these nonprofit organizations, like Love, INC, and the others like it.

Thank you very much again.

Now, if there is anyone out there who can help me to create an interest or wants to help, I am open to suggestions. Or, do like I have, and write to the editor.

I also need to mention that there are other nonprofit organizations, like the Fuller Center for Housing and The Northwest Colorado Treatment Coalition, that need volunteer help in the areas of research for development, placing and funding, even members to be on the boards of these nonprofit organizations.

Now, myself being a fairly new resident of Craig, I am willing to volunteer my time and efforts when possible, even if I have to do some sacrificing for these nonprofit organizations.

OK, I don’t have much information on how to create an interest in the hearts and minds of the public without any offense, so I need your help in creating an interest in the ministry of volunteer work, and I pray asking God to show us how, to lead me.

I sincerely thank all those in the community who have shown me compassion, and I thank God for showing me his love through you. In Christ’s name, amen.

Thank you, all in the community of Craig, for being there in my time of need no matter how long it’s taken to get the help I needed.

If anyone has been offended by my letters, you’ll please have to excuse me. I’m new to this creating an interest.

Eleborio Escobar, Jr.

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