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Letter: Complaints with the Craig Police Department

To the editor:

I was born and raised in Craig, but upon joining the U.S. Navy I was forced to move.

I was deployed to the Middle East six months ago, and I have been following the news in my beloved hometown from the Craig Daily Press website.

Lately, I have been slightly disturbed about the articles about the Craig Police Department and its employees.

Now, as I am still deployed on the other side of the world, I recently received notification from a friend of mine that the car she is currently storing for me was cited by police because it does not have current license plates.

The vehicle is parked on private property, is not overgrown with vegetation, nor is it leaking any fluids that would be harmful to the environment.

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Do they really not have anything better to do? Not that their job isn’t important, but I think they have bigger and better things to worry about than a car sitting on someone’s private property.

Jordan Bailey

Damage controlman, Second Class Petty Officer, U.S. Navy