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Letter: Columns about immigration, climate change in Craig Press were a breath of fresh air

I am shocked and in awe, over the Jan. 4 edition of the Craig Press. After reading, I had to go back to the front page and make sure, yes it was the Craig Press, my paper had not been switched. After that I had to look outside for flying pigs to confirm things were above board. Two, count them, two, large commentaries on two subjects rarely seen in left leaning media without a pile of spin.

The commentary by Brian York on border crossing numbers — AKA illegal immigration — brought to light just how ignorant and uninformed the American public is about the truth. Remember, if you are getting your information from the mainstream media, you are not only uninformed, you are misinformed, Mr. York made that abundantly clear.

Next, in the commentary by Lance Scranton urging people to wake up about the rabid environmental movement — AKA the cult/religion of climate change — he brings up some very good points, one being why is it you and I who are the problem, not the promoters of said climate change constantly jet setting around the world in their private jets telling us how concerned they are about your actions?

There are many questions with answers that do not make sense. Consider, if the oceans are going to rise and all these cities and land are going to be underwater, why do the climate change promoters continue to purchase oceanfront property, why do banks still give 30-year loans on said property and why do insurance companies still insure the property?

Then there’s fact there are more polar bears now than the 1950s. According to some wide-eyed little bartender in Congress — AKA an expert on climate change — we are now down to about eight years of survival on the planet. We must ask about the huge push to zero carbon emissions and why it would seem that some are not aware that CO2 is required by plant life, you know those crops that help feed the world. It would seem that those same experts — AKA teenagers and computer geeks — are not aware that there is a “minimum CO2 level” that the planet must have or we all die.

It would seem these “experts” are unaware that the long-term trend, something rarely discussed by the experts because they can’t cherry pick what they need out of short-term graphs, is on a downturn, each consecutive low has been lower, and the next one could put us below a survival rate for life on earth.

The push for people to get an EV, save the planet and pat themselves on the back does not consider all of the downfalls, the destruction of the planet to mine the minerals required for the batteries, the disposal of said batteries, the nonexistent infrastructure to charge all of them or the fact that during the, coming soon to a city near you, the rolling blackouts caused by the elimination of conventional power plants, how are you going to charge them? I am awaiting the next “mandatory evacuation” for a hurricane in Florida when just 20% of the vehicles are EVs and have blocked the evacuation route because of dead batteries. I want to see how they run them out a 5 gallon can of electricity.

The sooner people wake up to the fact that climate change has never had a thing to do with the climate, it has always been about control of the masses, that means you. Instead of mocking the so-called Twitter dumpster fire, maybe a little “investigative reporting” might be in order, a lot is happening over there.

John Williams


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