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Letter: College’s art selection diverse

To the editor:

A big thank you to the art committee for the college in their selection of a wide variety of art expressing such a wonderful range of mediums.

Their selection and the beautiful display cases highlight each piece of work.

The various pieces, displayed on the walls, are so interesting that we will need benches and chairs so enjoy them to the fullest.

These distinctive pieces represent a unique range that there is something for everyone to enjoy at any age group.

My favorite piece is the kinetic piece on the plaza, which flows with the wind.

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It reflects a calming environment in a sometimes-hectic world.

I understand there is a portfolio containing the artists' biography and details of how each piece in this collection was created.

It will be housed in the college library.

Thank you to all those at the college who contributed to making the dedication such a wonderful event.

Patricia McCaffrey