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Letter: CNCC should block land transfer

To the editor:

In the Wednesday edition of the Craig Daily Press, the editorial board took on the topic of Colorado Northwestern Community College transferring land the college owns to the Craig Rural Fire Protection District.

I agree with what the paper printed.

CNCC should not allow this to happen. CNCC already gave land to the hospital, should it now give more land to the fire department? No.

If CNCC is so willing to give away land, maybe they should use the balance of the property they own and give it away to families of need so they could build homes for themselves.

Both CNCC and the CRFPD asked voters in 2006 for mill levy funding for projects and improvements.

In respect to both entities, the promises made to the taxpayers of Moffat County have not been kept. Yes, the new college is built, but there still are not residence halls and CNCC still “buys” student enrollment with the tuition buy down.

The fire board with this dream of wanting to build the training facility and new firehouse is only a step towards the bigger plan of Bill Johnston.

Craig does not need a training facility when there are three such facilities located within a 100-mile radius of Craig.

The training facilities in Hayden, Rangely or Rifle are more than sufficient. The argument that it is too difficult scheduling time to utilize these facilities is ridiculous. I drive by them frequently and seem to find they are not being used at that time.

Obviously, it must be beyond the capability of the fire department to manage and schedule time properly.

If the fire department gets their wish, the next thing that will happen is taking over ambulance service from the hospital. If that was to occur, just look at New Castle, Rifle, and Parachute.

All of the sudden, staffing the ambulance for 24/7 response will become difficult and fire fighters who are EMTS on the ambulance will not be available for fire calls. So, a full-time fire department is on the way and fully funded by the taxpayers of Moffat County.

Bill Johnston is looking for his retirement job from Tri-State, and has discovered that the taxpayers of Moffat County appear to be more than happy to subsidize that for him.

Edward T. Winters

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