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Letter: Circus cruelty

To the editor:

I had lived in Craig for seven years and recently moved away but come back for regular visits to the family.

I recently saw a flyer for the Carson and Barnes Circus and am extremely disappointed with the city of Craig and Moffat County for allowing this circus to perform.

Since 1982 to 2011, there are six pages of violations they have failed to fix, mostly dealing with people’s safety and animal welfare.

There are several things you can read up on, even watch.

I watched a video where the man in charge is heard telling his employees if they are afraid to hurt the elephants, then don’t come in the barn.

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He says if they don’t listen, you are to hit them as hard as you can with the bull hook, or prod them with an electric prod.

They even use blow torches on them to remove their hair.

He goes on to tell the employees to “tear that foot off. Sink it in the foot, make them scream. When you hear them scream, you know you’ve got their attention.”

I won’t list everything I read and saw because there was quite a bit. I can’t believe Craig didn’t read up and get some info on this circus.

As long as they keep letting these circus people back, I will never support the city again.

It is appalling and disgusting that Craig would support this.

The Endangered Ark Foundation to which the proceeds will go is owned by Carson and Barnes which was started to maintain elephants for their shows.

How hard is it to look this stuff up?

As long as this goes on, I won’t have any part in events that Craig hosts.

I refuse to buy locally and support a town that supports animal cruelty.

Naomi Dambrava

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