Letter: Bickering has gotten this country into a big mess

Like many, I am considering some very interesting times to our democracy and our way of life in America, including a question about the age of the people who represent us in government.

Whether they are senators, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices or even the presidency, I am a senior citizen at 68 years old and I know my limitations, mostly physical. Would I consider a government job at my age? No!

Then there is the issue of not being able to do the job because the opposite side wants you out, because you wanted their No. 1 out. With that type of bickering, how can anyone do the job they were elected to do? The big question is patriotism. Some would say storming the capitol was an act of patriotism rather than an act of defiance, an attempt to overthrow democracy or an act of traitors to America. I’m a veteran and believe it was the latter.

Sadly, in 2024, no matter what side wins, America may be changed — changed forever. Perhaps, perhaps not. I am an independent. I learn about each candidate, and I don’t bite for the R or the D. I believe that is the biggest problem that has gotten this country into the political problems we are in now. But what do I know? I’m 68.

Leonard A. Zaragoza

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