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Let’s get this fall sports season rolling

Nate Waggenspack
Nathan Waggenspack

This week, like so many others during the summer, I headed out to Yampa Valley Golf Course for a story. Only this time, I wasn’t going to cover a tournament or a hole-in-one.

I headed out to meet with the boys golf team from Moffat County High School, as they began practice for the 2013 competitive season. I spoke with coaches and players about the upcoming season and snapped some pictures while they worked on their swings and talked trash over putting contests and the like. Next week, I’ll head out to the other fall sports for a similar purpose as they get to work for a new year.

For sports, there is no better time of year.

Summer is great for taking trips, but it doesn’t feature any of the major professional sports at key points in their seasons. High school and college athletics are on vacation, on hiatus until the next school year. So more so than the beginning of the winter or spring sports seasons fall means the hard work, passion and teamwork is back.

The biggest draw across the U.S. (and Colorado is no exception based on my experience here) is the beginning of the NFL season. I know many people from Craig who are excited to see if their Broncos can take another AFC West title, and maybe make a run at the Super Bowl this time around. I love pro football as well, but if you want to chat with me about it, you’ll have to endure a little talk about the Green Bay Packers in between all the love for the Peyton Manning to Wes Welker combination.

To me, the return of high school sports is just as big a boon to the fall’s resume as the NFL regular season or the MLB playoffs.

High school athletes have the market cornered on caring. Perhaps because it’s the last level at which most athletes compete or perhaps because they are playing for their hometowns, there is nothing that brings out the passion found in sports like rival high schools getting after each other on any field or court.

In Moffat County, fall sports means football, volleyball, boys golf, boys soccer and cross-country. These teams and their opponents across the state will rarely (if ever) execute as beautifully as the Broncos do when Manning has the offense humming. But that’s never been the selling point.

It’s going to be another great season of teenagers who sometimes seem like they don’t care about anything, showing that they can care a whole lot when a game, match or race is on the line.

There will be wins and losses for the fall editions of Bulldogs athletics (in the case of soccer, probably some ties, too). There will be some state qualifiers and some athletes and teams who just play a regular season and hang up their equipment.

I hope all of Moffat County’s teams have success because then I typically get happier coaches and players to speak with.

Really, though, I’m just happy the season is here.

Nate Waggenspack is now thinking about his senior year of cross country and can be reached at 970-875-1795 or nwaggenspack@craigdailypress.com

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