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Les Hampton: I support Frank Moe

To the editor:

When I think about candidates running for public office, I like to ask, what does a candidate’s resume contain? What does he or she bring to this elected position? What special skills, knowledge, education or experience does a candidate possess? My ideal candidate generally will be an outsider bringing a variety of life skills and maturity to this new position.

Of course my choice of candidate will also support many of my hot button issues, such as:

■ A fully integrated, market-driven energy program that includes coal, oil and natural gas. I’m not opposed to wind and solar, but I would be even more supportive if they were able to compete economically with our more traditional sources of energy.

By the way, we’ve been trying to achieve national energy independence for as long as I can remember, so let’s get out of the way of our energy producers and let them make this happen.

■ Protection of our Second Amendment rights.

■ Health care. This is a personal matter. I really don’t want any government entity involved in my health care. As a veteran, I have never used nor do I plan on using the problem-plagued VA.

Our local hospital, what a great facility! My wife and I have used this facility for medical procedures. Why are we having trouble keeping doctors? Why have several doctors who appeared to enjoy living and working in our community left?

■ Our local tax-supported library should be a safe, wholesome, learning environment. The computers used in the library (provided by our tax dollars) should be restricted to education, research and communication.

■ Fiscal responsibility, including an understanding that there really isn’t any difference, at least among the general populace, between a tax and a fee.

For a commissioner candidate, he/she will know that even with the support of all of the people living and working in Moffat County, we still are a lonely, singular voice that can hardly be heard in faraway places such as Denver. That is why it is important to actively add our voice with organizations such as Colorado Counties Incorporated, Club 20 and Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado.

These are just a few reasons why I support Commissioner candidate Frank Moe. I have spoken with Frank, and I have every confidence that he reflects my views and that he brings an impressive level of life skills to this position.

We’ve been told that a picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that applies to a display as well. If so, make a visit to Frank’s Deer Park Hotel and walk through his lobby. This may tell you a lot about this candidate. I suspect you will be impressed.

Les Hampton