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Leonard A. Zaragoza: Students should face charges

On April 18, 2018, two individuals made plans to commit acts of violence at one or more of the schools in Craig. Since then, there has been no mention of these actions or mention of the legal outcome. I called the District Attorney’s Office seeking more information. I was asked if I’d care to talk with the attorney handling the case, Matthew Tjosvold. He was extremely informative on how the case was handled and why there were no charges brought against two young men involved.

Local law enforcement handles the investigative end in criminal cases, and based on their findings, the attorney’s office makes a decision on whether to pursue the case or not. In this matter, the district attorney felt that there was simply not enough evidence brought forward by the investigating officer/s. While I personally do not agree with the outcome of the case, I do feel some closure with this issue. I would like to thank Mr. Tjosvold for taking time in his busy schedule to talk with me.

Living in a small community, we often feel detached, isolated, from the things that occur in larger cities. Well, times, unfortunately, are changing, and we get tossed into the mix. With 4/20 fast approaching, I wonder what nonsense/violence awaits us locally, as a state or nationally.

Leonard A. Zaragoza