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Leona Hemmerich: Letter to Editor

To the editor:

Now that the Commissioners have removed Bryce and me from the MCTA board, I think it is important to point out what that removal means for all of Moffat County.

Oops, I forgot, the BOCC seems to be only interested in serving the Greater Craig area, definitely the Chamber of Commerce.

For those of you who believe Moffat County includes ALL of Moffat County, I will explain what has happened. For the first time in years, the MCTA Board has been moving cohesively in a positive direction to promote ALL of Moffat County. We’ve tackled differences, but work toward the same goal.

Last January this BOCC refused to re-seat Kerry Moe, who has been instrumental in the progress we made. Over this past year the BOCC chose to remove three MCTA board members who were indispensible in making the fabulous Tourism Center at the mall a reality.

They, along with others, were major contributors of both time and money, and have shown themselves to be fully committed to tourism in the entire County.

Keep in mind the commissioners get paid to do what they do. I wonder if any of them have actually volunteered as much time as some of the so called “unfit” former Board members have.

Moffat County now has a Tourism Center with adequate parking, easy access, and a facility that we can all be proud of that has the capacity to educate and entice people to see what ALL of MOFFAT COUNTY has to offer. No other visitor Center in Moffat County can make such claims.

The leadership of all three, annoying at times to those who don’t like to answer hard questions, has been an asset to the MCTA. Others will be found to do the job, but past experience has shown that few are willing to make the actual volunteer commitment of time and energy. The Town of Dinosaur no longer has an advocate.

Those of you who think Moffat County is just Craig won’t care. To the majority who DO care how tax dollars are spent, doesn’t it seem like a misuse of those dollars to have the Craig Chamber give out primarily Chamber information to those who ask what services are available in Moffat County?

Numerous times people have told me they had no idea there was anything in Dinosaur because they had been told there are NO services here. Now that the Chamber has their own publication which lists only Chamber members, they are no longer including the FREE publication from the Paper that lists ALL businesses in Moffat County that have anything to do with tourism.

This means they have eliminated the whole town of Dinosaur from Moffat County. People on this side of the county don’t understand why businesses have to pay twice (second time by extortion of Chamber “union” dues) to be recognized as being in Moffat County.

Which are they — a Chamber or a Visitor Center? If a Chamber first, then let’s eliminate public funds.

Leona Hemmerich

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