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Leigh Ann Toovey: Go easier on local high school athletes

I am a former Moffat County resident with family still in the area, one of whom is a student athlete at Moffat County High School. I continue to read the Craig Daily Press online to keep up on local news and sports.

I have to say that I am continually disheartened by the “Bulldog Beat” column written by John Vandelinder. I think the column on Sept. 9 is one of the worst I’ve read.

First of all, the ranking of the teams based on Vandelinder’s opinion of their success, or lack thereof, is rude and unnecessary.

Second, comments like, “While most of the other teams were losing, the Bulldog Cowboys and Cowgirls got the job done,” “MCHS lost a nail-biter Friday to Rifle, in a game I mentioned as ‘one to watch’ in the fall sports guide. Boy, I am sorry I missed it,” and various others are uncouth.

I mean to take nothing away from the few teams that Vandelinder gave credit to, but give the kids a break! After all, they are just kids.

I am willing to bet that all of the Moffat County High School student athletes and coaches are busting their behinds, making improvements and doing the best they can. Apparently that is NOT good enough for John Vandelinder.

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Leigh Ann Toovey

Las Vegas, Nev