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Leading the way

Senior Ben Winslow takes a break during his busy day-to-day life.

“He is just goofy Ben,” described Carli Griffith, a sophomore, with a laugh. Griffith, had just described Ben Winslow, a senior at Moffat County High School who is well known for his charismatic and upbeat attitude throughout the school.

Winslow, who is extremely well rounded in his free time activities, is finishing up his last semester of high school with the activities that he enjoys. While he enjoys working on his truck and hanging out with his friends, there is one pastime that has become more than just a hobby to him, music. “My dream is to be a musician,” said Winslow. This dream started with his love of music as he first taught himself how to play the guitar. Later, he got together with some other musicians here in Craig.

Today, as a regular student at the local Young Life club, he is the lead guitar player and singer for the club’s worship band. But those aren’t the only things he helps with at Young Life. “I do some funny random little skits sometimes,” stated Winslow. As well as being the worship leader, Winslow has a special place in the Young Life Club, as a role model to younger students. “He’s always upbeat and positive,” stated Griffith as the reason to why people find him a natural leader. “He’s someone you can rely on,” agreed junior Kadi Scott.

Winslow said he began attending Young Life when he was in middle school, and later became a regular attendee at the club. He started leading worship when they needed a guitar player. But this musician has brighter plans for the future that don’t involve staying here in Craig. He plans on going to college at either Mesa State or the University of Wyoming to further study music. If not, he decided that he would join the Army.

Even while finding time to follow his dreams, Winslow is participating in a sport when he isn’t practicing the guitar or leading powerful worship at the local Young Life club. That sport, is wrestling. Winslow started wrestling in the second grade, and has been at it ever since. He enjoys the wrestling because he thinks that it is fun and likes how it is an independent sport that is focused mostly on the individual instead of a team. “You can’t blame the mistakes on anyone else,” said Winslow.

This is his tenth and final year in wrestling, something that will be a bittersweet goodbye as he heads off to college to pursue bigger and better dreams. Winslow will be missed. His smile is regularly seen in the hallway, and his optimistic outlook on life is only one of the things some of his friends will miss. Griffith mentioned that he is always reliable and there to talk to anyone. “He’s super easy to talk to,” Griffith said. His friends will also miss the very thing that makes him Ben. Scott said that it was probably his sense of humor and how he is always goofing around.

Altogether, Ben Winslow is a person who is well known and loved within Moffat County High School, and he will be genuinely missed as he goes off to college. One day when he is famous for his music, students at this school can say that they knew him.

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