Lawrence Sober: Not’ international police’ |

Lawrence Sober: Not’ international police’

To the editor:

Our country is in debt more than $14 trillion and our president just got us into another war. The lowest ranking combat infantry private knows that it's impossible to win a war without using ground forces.

We have a president who refuses to secure our own borders, yet he is quick to get us into another war in an Arab nation? Now they want to arm a rebel army that no one knows anything about. We armed rebel forces in Afghanistan so they could defeat the Russians.

Now they are using those weapons to kill Americans.

For those of you who were not around, we went into Vietnam at first as advisors.

Congress cannot even agree on a budget and now we are paying for another war. If you look at history, the American taxpayers have always paid the most for these wars. It does not matter who NATO puts in charge, we will still be paying and using our military.

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Keep in mind that we have an all-volunteer military and we are currently in three combat zones. Throughout history, every nation that spread out its forces too far and did not protect its borders lost in the end.

We are not an international police force just because we can drop bombs on anyone we choose to.

This war is about commerce more than it is about humanitarian efforts. The French and the Chinese both get oil from Libya. The French still owe us money from World War II and we are deeply in debt to China.

Humanitarian efforts is only an excuse when we ignore other countries with worse human rights violations. No one cares about the killings in Darfur or North Korea or in any of the other Arab nations. What about Sharia Law, which is used to get rid of anyone you do not like, especially women?

We give more money to nations who hate us than any other nation in the world. We give money to countries like Brazil to create jobs in those countries. We need jobs here, we need to secure our borders, and we need to stop spending far more than what we are taking in.

What country will we invade next, and what will be the reason for doing so? The Democrats who voted in favor of going into Iraq are blaming our former president.

Many of the same people are now in support of us getting into another war. Who will they blame this time when America finally realizes that this war is far from over?

And we have not even begun to see the true costs. Think about that when you are paying $5 a gallon for gas, increased costs for electricity, and natural gas and your unemployment checks are about to run out.

Lawrence Sober

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