Lawrence L. Sober: Hazing incident shameful |

Lawrence L. Sober: Hazing incident shameful

To the editor:

It is unfortunate that our community and high school has lost these football coaches. The fact is that in every incident the supervisors are responsible first and foremost. Any situation like this has to be supervised closely to see that things like this never happen again. Someone that was in a supervisory position should have known what was going on during this football camp.

As a past school board member, the school will suffer from this incident in many other areas. This will not be a way to show any resemblance at all to Moffat County High School pride. This is a reflection on all the students at our high school, not just the football program. The students responsible need to be held accountable for their actions.

Encouraging middle school kids to enter high school and play sports is good for the school’s and students’ future. Their families need to know that their kids never will go through this kind of experience. Freshman players need to be mentored, not tormented. What future talent may be lost to this kind of an incident? Many of these young people will miss the opportunities to play in many of these sports after high school. And may even miss out in the joys of a lifetime that come from the experience of going to high school.

Lawrence L. Sober