Lawrence L. Sober: Great documentary |

Lawrence L. Sober: Great documentary

To the editor:

On the evening of Oct. 16, the local tea party showed a recent documentary film about the situation on our southern border. This film was so up to date and informative that I would recommend local groups to make an effort to see it. This open border policy is going to have an affect on many lives in this country.

When people hear about illegal immigration they think of people who are seeking a better life for themselves. Americans are among the most compassionate people in the world and our enemies know that for a fact. They play on that compassion to gain not only entry into this country, but when they demand rights as Americans citizens plus rights specific to their beliefs and culture.

Our open border is being crossed by people from many other nations. The federal government calls them OTMs: people from countries other than Mexico. The film shows people from as far away as China. This is not just a burden on the American taxpayers. Many are coming from countries and groups that are enemies of the United States.

Because of the Ebola crisis we need to have better control of people who enter this country. You can’t enter China without being tested for Ebola. You pay for and get the test when you enter China. Other diseases have been carried into this country by these people also. An open border allows more than just humans to enter freely. And we are led to believe that thousands of children have walked over 2,000 miles to get into this country? Through deserts, jungles and cartel-held zones? I would hope that more people see this film and realize what an open border really is.

Lawrence L. Sober