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Law Enforcement

Incidents reported for Dec. 14.

Police assisted flight for life at 785 Russell St.

Police responded to a report of fraud by check at 420 Yampa Ave.

Incidents reported for Dec. 15

Police responded to two reports of fraud at 1111 West Victory Way.

Incidents reported for Dec. 16.

Police warned Manuel Grijalba, 18, for having a loud exhaust pipe and driving with an expired driver’s license.

Police responded to a report at 3435 Ridgeview Dr., that someone damaged a Christmas display.

Police issued a citation to Lisa Marie Kohl, 25, for driving while under suspension and failure to change address.

Police issued Timothy Gonzales, 18, a summons for failure to provide proof of insurance on the 800 block of Victory Way.

Police warned Megan Lee Miller, 16, for having headlight out at the intersection 6th and Taylor Street.