Laurence L. Sober: Political thoughts |

Laurence L. Sober: Political thoughts

To the editor:

Both Democrats and Republicans say that this country is broke. And we can no longer help our own citizens, veterans, seniors, orphans or homeless families. Yet we have an open border policy in this country. Many of our military families can’t live on their pay alone. Many of our retired seniors live on a fixed income without help. Religious organizations pour billions of dollars and tons of food into foreign countries. Over the last several years we have provided direct cash and aid to many countries that hate us.

And the United States taxpayers pay most of the cost to operate the United Nations where 198 countries hate us.

The bills for this open border policy and welfare and education in this country are paid by U.S. taxpayers. And soon we will be paying out billions to deal with this Ebola crisis. You need to educate yourself to the facts and vote if you love this country.

Laurence L. Sober