Laura S. Day: Puzzling things |

Laura S. Day: Puzzling things

To the editor:

I have lived in Craig since 2003, and love this community. There are some things, however, that puzzle me:

1) At the bottom of Ashley Road there is a three-way intersection with only one stop sign. There are no yield signs or other means to show which of the two other directions has right of way. The way people just drive through. It’s an accident waiting to happen, and when it does, there is the potential for serious injury. Shouldn’t there be at least one more stop sign to prevent this?

2) On First Street, by Lamplighter Trailer Park, there is a passing zone. One morning, as I was trying to turn left (and yes, my blinker was on a block ahead of my turn), I was passed on the left by someone in a pickup truck who obviously was more concerned with passing than the fact that s/he almost hit me. Why is the passing zone right there, and not just a little further east?

3) Painting on roads and highways often happens in the fall. Wouldn’t it make sense for the paint to be applied earlier in the year, not just before the winter hits, covering the new paint with ice, snow, and the ever popular magnesium chloride?

4) At the cemetery, there are several posts where one can get little black plastics bags to pick up pet waste. Why is there a need for this? Do people honestly have such little respect for the deceased that pets are allowed to “go” there?

5) When I pick my son up from school, there are always people using the handicapped accessible parking places who do not have plates or placards allowing them to park there. Laziness is not a disability. Those of us who use those spaces have reasons and have paid for the right to park there through pain and physical hardship. Is it really so difficult to park a little further?

6) When the flag is either raised or lowered at the high school, nobody puts their hands over their hearts to pay respect to those who have sacrificed on behalf of all of us. I do, while sitting and waiting for the bell to ring and my son to come out. I have known too many people who have served this country in some way or another not to. There are generations within my family of people who have died, been shot, shell shocked (WWII era) bad enough to live out his life at a mental institution, or given military service going back to the American Revolutionary War. How did it become commonplace to forget our heroes?

Laura S. Day

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