Laura Oatman
: Alternative medicine |

Laura Oatman
: Alternative medicine

To the editor:

It is shocking how much money America spends annually on health care. Even more shocking is the fact that even after all that money spent, we are still one of the top unhealthiest countries.

Fortunately, though, light slowly is being shed on alternative medicine and treatments, and people are starting to realize the benefits of alternative treatments and make a switch from traditional medicines. Alternative medicine and treatments are a superior choice to traditional medicines and treatment, because they are more natural, more effective, simpler to use and cheaper.

Alternative medicine is more natural because it most often is derived straight from nature itself, or it uses the energy we all have within and around us. It is the form of medicine our ancestors thrived on and used effectively. Alternative medicine consists of natural products from whole foods, herbs, essential oils, vitamins and minerals to mind and body healing arts such as massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, Reiki and much more. Alternative medicine and treatments have shown to be more effective than traditional medicines for many ailments. In many instances, using alternative medicines can heal the entire body, and various ailments at once, compared to traditional medicine, which tends to only treat one specific ailment. Because often, one form of alternative medicine or treatment can cure many ailments at once, it is often simpler to use. Also, information about how to use alternative medicines is easily available to the public and usually easy to understand. Because alternative medicines are derived from such naturally occurring sources, they are often cheaper than traditional forms of medicine. Overall, there are many reasons people are, and should be, switching to using alternative medicine and treatments. They are showing more and more instances where they are a superior choice.

Laura Oatman