Larry Brinkley: Know your mineral rights |

Larry Brinkley: Know your mineral rights

To the editor:

Re Mineral Rights: You do not have to lease, however you must stay informed.

Save all letters and note all phone calls you get. The time to act is on Integration.

Once your section is Integrated, You have only 15 days to act. Consider participating if you have an extra $6,000 available, or choose non-consent. Non-consent is even for the folks who have No money.

You can receive 100 percent of your royalties by choosing participate or non-consent.

It takes a letter to the driller and the state oil and gas commission during the integration period. You can lease, but that is the uninformed thing to do.

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You have been informed.

Its Your minerals, let it be your royalties!

Check it out. Saw a question on a site, came here to inform All of you.

Don’t be deceived.

Larry Brinkley