Lance Scranton: You gotta start somewhere |

Lance Scranton: You gotta start somewhere

Lance Scranton
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Wow! It looks like our community is going to have some sidewalks connecting Ridgeview to Craig. Residents will be able to safely make their way to and from town without walking along the shoulder of Highway 40. I used to ride my bike to school just about every day during the school year but it just started to get too dangerous.

Many times big trucks came dangerously close to the shoulder of the highway. Combined with early morning visibility issues and late afternoon sun glare, it just wasn’t worth taking a chance. Kudos to our local leaders for making this possible.

Sidewalks are popping up all over town and others are being repaired or replaced. It’s a start to improving accessibility to our community and a very responsible use of our resources. Walking and biking are two things that would help make us all healthier and allow people to move more freely about town without just having to use a vehicle. Something about out walking and biking allows residents to slow down a bit and enjoy some of the uniqueness that our town has to offer such as cool downtown stores and places to just hang out and relax.

Most people who call Craig home are likely not used to taking a walk through town or riding a bicycle around town because it hasn’t always been easy, but that is starting to change. When access to parts of town are shifted more toward a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere, it’s much easier to begin taking advantage of what our small town has to offer in the form of browsing as opposed to purely destination. It’s much easier to give new things a try when you are walking or biking than when you drive by some business or park.

Maybe we will start saying hi to each other a bit more and it won’t be just a wave as we pass by each other in our vehicles as we rush on to the next destination. Sure, it’s a state of mind and it will take some time, but sidewalks start to make me think that Craig really is beginning to take seriously the fact that we are a really great place to live and more people will see that we do care about access and our children and the connectedness that makes things easier for people to get around town.

You gotta start somewhere and sidewalks are a great path for continuing to make Moffat County an attractive place to be a part of and maybe even change some mindsets about what it means to be a community.

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