Lance Scranton: You can’t… |

Lance Scranton: You can’t…

Lance Scranton/For Craig Press
Lance Scranton
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Turmoil in the stock market, tumult in politics, and tomorrow seems anything but certain. But you can’t avoid the reality of what’s going on around you each and every day. You can’t deny that life can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. You can’t understand why people do the things they do to cause so much distress. You can’t be bothered with what is going on within your life because of what’s happening around you.

You can’t do it alone and no matter how much you try, it always comes down to needing others to help comfort your fears or help solve your problems. Some oppose the goodness around them because life just can’t be as simple as our attitude toward the aspects of life that we can’t control.

You can’t control the stock market because people investing money involves factors that nobody can control. People spend careers advising others and make all kinds of promises but the human element still takes precedent. If it could be controlled, there would be way more people sitting around comfortably while others manage their money.

You can’t control your fellow human beings because liberty demands their freedom of choice and people do things you can never understand. If everyone could be controlled there would be fewer of us than we can imagine and you wouldn’t be happy because you can’t do the things you want to do if you give up your right to self determine.

You can never be certain about any future event on earth because our big, beautiful planet is also a force shaped by way more than man can ever hope to control. Science and technology have helped us adapt and live longer lives than we could otherwise but mere adjustments to the reality of our mortality just make the inevitable easier to avoid.

You can’t, so why bother?

Because you have something to offer that nobody else can ever contribute that keeps us just short of the precipice of imminent destruction, political anarchy, environmental disaster, and human catastrophe. Imagine what it was like in 1943 when World War II was ripping apart the world, or 9/11 when we all thought it was the beginning of something we would never recover from, or floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

What you offer is to reflect the reality that you can’t do much of anything without humanity involved. We aren’t perfect, make many mistakes, do stupid things, say stuff we don’t really mean, and yet here we are and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be OK.

But you can’t be certain!

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