Lance Scranton: Would you consider it? |

Lance Scranton: Would you consider it?

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

Would you consider voting for someone based on the fact that they reflect the values you believe are important to get our country moving again? How often have you been asked to vote for someone in a national election because of their skin color, gender or religious beliefs? Isn’t voting for someone simply because they might represent a particular aspect of projected historical importance intellectual bondage?

Would you consider selecting the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with based only on how they look? Would it matter how they treated you or what they did while you were in the relationship? Would you ask yourself instead how much you might have in common or what values you might share? Isn’t projecting yourself into a long-term relationship based on how someone looks a little like voting for someone just because they are a woman, or a man, or a certain kind of nationality?

Would you consider it right to side with someone just because they are your boss or your pastor, or a family member? How often do we pick allegiances based on the power structure, social construct or family status? Isn’t determining the correctness of a situation based on what is actually right instead of what protects our individual interests?

Consider the upside of voting for someone you believe in, finding someone who shares your values or siding with people you believe are correct — regardless of their “status.” The consequences might be that you would have to get to know the issues, familiarize yourself with people in your life and speak up for what’s right no matter how it might affect you personally.

It’s a path that requires courage and not too many people ever get very far because they would rather be on the popular side of history, stay on the relational surface, do what is expedient, and cause the least amount of trouble.

There was a time in our country when principle meant things you lived by and didn’t just talk about. Relationships were more than what got reflected back at you and doing what was right was actually the right thing for you to do.

Just something to consider.

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