Lance Scranton: Winds of change are blowing |

Lance Scranton: Winds of change are blowing

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Lance Scranton
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Yes, the spring winds are blowing things around, and the gusty air circulating through Craig guarantees that warmer temperatures are on the way. I’ve always marvelled at people who complain about how much the wind blows during springtime.

Everywhere I’ve ever lived, I had the pleasure of wind-driven days and evenings which eventually give way to warmer temperatures, and in Craig, some of the best weather you could ask for comes during the summer months.

Wind tends to get a bad rap from just about everyone who likes to enjoy the outdoors, and the gusty air is certainly an easy target for people who like to complain about everything, regardless of the facts. Wind is a normal part of the season and is natural and necessary as the season changes.

But wind is like so many other things that seem to be blowing through our culture and whose gusty power seems to have the power to force changes.

It is suddenly all the rage to complain about how awful the president is and how he is destroying our country; no matter that any objective person can see many of the things the current administration is doing are having a major benefit, economically. Rasmussen’s latest tracking poll has our current leader’s approval rating ahead of our last president at the same time during their term. Amazing how the gusts of bloviating and fear-mongering haven’t had their intended effect on likely voters.

What about the gale-force winds that are battering the logic of the events all over the world that point to an ever-increasing cultural divide in just about every nation. Sure, we all want to get along with each other, but what happens when people no longer want to get along and trade violence for any reasoned discussion about how countries should handle their issues of immigration and border security. It’s easy to get blistered by all the high winds of tolerance and diversity language until you realize that intellectual rationalization doesn’t always mesh with what is going on, realistically.

It’s easy to get caught up in the wind and driven one way or the other, but if you set your feet on solid ground and hunker down for a spell, the gusts give way to gentle breezes and fairer weather ahead — more reasonable conversations, and hopefully, more rational decision-making.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.


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