Lance Scranton: Why we need better broadband |

Lance Scranton: Why we need better broadband

Lance Scranton

A local movement is afoot, spearheaded by Audrey Danner, to promote broadband access for Craig. Many residents, including myself, aren’t quite sure how this type of service would make any difference to residents or businesses. However, after spending a little time asking questions and doing a little research; I’m certain we need to get behind this movement.

Broadband describes many types of service, but in simplest terms it will provide faster, more efficient, and more dependable internet access. Faster because it will travel along more lines, efficient in terms of the number of lines coming into and leaving Craig and dependable because it will replace the singular line coming into Craig.

Companies work to provide internet service that is fast and dependable. It’s often limited by infrastructure, which inhibits speeds and has a tendency to give us all issues depending on what we are trying to do. Because economic development is a big concern in our county, broadband is an important consideration for increasing our ability to stabilize a critical service. It can attract businesses that have an expectation of service that we should provide.

As you think about internet access; the best way it has been explained to me is using the following analogy: Most of us look at our service and think we have pretty good speeds for uploading (to the web) and downloading (from the web). What hampers our speeds is the amount of traffic on our internet highway. If the speed potential is 75 miles an hour but the highway is packed with traffic — you may only be able to go 35. It’s why at certain times the internet just seems slow because more traffic means slower speeds.

Broadband is like each of us having our own highway and the speed limit could be upwards of 100 to 200 miles an hour. Now, this is an analogy to make a point, but the reason broadband will be important is because we know how important our devices, computers and access to the internet has become and the need will only grow.

I hope people will pay attention to this movement and get on board as concerned citizens in our county work to promote our part of the country. We need to make sure we have the infrastructure to make us an attractive location. Like dependable power and good highways; broadband has become an important utility that needs to be considered.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.

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