Lance Scranton: Who’s in charge? |

Lance Scranton: Who’s in charge?

Lance Scranton

Local news and headlines lead one to believe that big changes are ahead for the City of Craig and Moffat County. I’ve already written about the unintended (I hope) consequences of numbers and budgets trumping loyalty and dedication.

It appears that sometimes a stand on principle leads to an impasse and people need to make different decisions which can lead to a parting of ways.

I’m a big believer in loyalty and dedication because it seems like it has always been one of the highest virtues that an employee can display.

Any employee should understand that we work at the pleasure of those who hire us and in the public sector there are many other issues that can affect employment.

To be sure, losing long-time employees who are very visible in our community can take some time to get used to and definitely sends a shock throughout the system.

With all the changes we see locally, we are liable to think the sky is falling. But, in the aftermath of such difficulties, there has to be a way forward and the biggest opportunity we have will be voted on this Fall.

Any tax increase is always fraught with a host of loud voices on both sides of the issue. However, this particular increase has to do with maintaining services that we need to make our community viable.

Sure, pretty flowers and sidewalks don’t make a town, but they do certainly show those who visit Craig that we care. For those who have chosen to build a life in Northwestern Colorado; seeing sidewalks and flowers show some community pride.

For too long a portion of our community was so smitten with being different from the resort town down the road that any talk of beautifying our city or raising taxes was met with the proverbial, “this isn’t Steamboat!”

Well, that is correct, but we are Craig, Colorado, and making certain our town reflects who we want to be will be reflected in our decision to move forward with a college plan that will positively impact our community and a minor tax increase that will help sustain our services.

As community members, we are in charge of determining which way we want to go, and my sincere hope is that we choose our future.


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