Lance Scranton: Weather permitting |

Lance Scranton: Weather permitting

Lance Scranton / For the Craig Daily Press
Lance Scranton

One of the reasons we relocated to Colorado 15 years ago was the sunny reputation and dry weather patterns that make the Centennial State such a popular destination.

Our very first summer was loaded with hot sunny days, cool evenings and quiet nights. The best part were the crisp mornings that ushered in another day of refreshing sunshine.

The unexpected spring storm that dumped some serious snow on our state last week shut down all kinds of activities on the Front Range and Western Slope. Encountering the unanticipated can send students into a flurry of thinking that the grass must be greener (sooner) somewhere else.

Spring storms can be used as a seasonal teaching tool when children complain about the erratic weather patterns. My usual response to kids who are looking for greener grass is to ask them how much they are caring for their own. But short-term inconvenience for long-term benefit is a tough sell to the winter-weary teenage student.

When the storms of life arrive unexpectedly, we can be caught off guard and might handle things differently than if we had prepared differently. But the point I try to get across to the kids is that everything we do each day, in school, out of school, at home, at work and with our friends and teammates is great practice for the unexpected storms of life.

We want things to work out, according to schedule, on time, without any adversity, but we should focus on preparation so that we’re ready for the unpredictability of life and are equipped to work out the circumstances the best we can.

Weather, like life, isn’t always predictable, but we can be equipped for the storms of life by practicing the skills of consistent preparation and measured responsiveness.

At least, that’s what I teach.

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