Lance Scranton: Weather alert |

Lance Scranton: Weather alert

Lance Scranton/For Craig Press

Lance Scranton

It looks as though we might be getting a little bit of winter back this week and, according to the experts, we may be in for some wetter than normal weather in April and May. I just love writing about the experts, because it gives much of what I say an air of sophistication and credibility. These same experts have predicted a bunch of other stuff, and some of it was accurate, but most of it was way off. The thing about predictions is that each one plays into our sense of hope or our various doomsday scenarios.

I follow closely the weather prognosticators, because I coach high school athletics, and outdoor sports are generally at the mercy of the elements. Coaches spend a bunch of time on weather apps trying to predict weather and plan practices. We, as coaches, like to think we can be prepared for the weather eventualities by staying as close as we can to the experts.

Weather is a strange phenomenon, and it seems like no matter how much we try to predict what will happen down the road or around the planet, the elements just don't seem to cooperate. The weather is just about like the realities of life we each face as human beings. One of the byproducts of living is that we will face rain, snow, sleet and hail. But, the key to knowing how to deal with stormy weather is to make sure you are as prepared as you can be while exercising some flexibility.

As teachers, we tend to over plan, and as coaches; we tend to hyper-over plan, which is what makes the science of working with human beings so interesting and fun. Like the weather, it's sometimes difficult to figure out exactly how the patterns of behavior are going to work themselves out. Sometimes, it's like a snowstorm that

blows through for a few days and leaves behind a whole bunch of unexpected. Other times, it's calm and relaxing, and the warm, gentle breeze makes us feel like it just couldn't get any better.

Life really is like the weather and, I, for one, have been around long enough to know that, no matter how much I plan for either, I had better have a good deal of flexibility, or I may get wiped out by the storms.

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But I have noticed that, the older I get, the more I can enjoy the beautiful days, because there isn't a prognosticator in this world who can predict with any amount of certainty how long anything will last, and for that reason alone, I just appreciate Mr. Blue Sky whenever he is around and hope that he and Mrs. Sunshine will stay around as long as they can.

Storms are in the forecast, but even the experts can't be certain when they will arrive.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.