Lance Scranton: We are not alone |

Lance Scranton: We are not alone

Lance Scranton
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One of the most remarkable traits of the people who have chosen to make Craig and Moffat County their home is the organized efforts made to help work things out for those who are disadvantaged. What sets the efforts apart is that the organization and implementation centers around non-governmental and mostly private entities and concerns. Sometimes, it can seem like people are constantly being asked to support one local cause or another. But, it is almost certainly the case that those who need help would not otherwise want to face down the difficulties of unforeseen events or circumstances alone.

We are about to enter the season of giving thanks and celebrating hope, ushered in by a night of ghoulish trick or treating, where locals go out and collect as much sugar as possible. The last two months of the year are always a favorite, because the days and weeks remind us that we are not alone.

Our culture kind of likes to celebrate the solitary and individualistic lifestyle enshrined in our technological manifesto, which proclaims the self-indulgent calling of rights, feelings, and minding our own business (unless it’s on social media somewhere). But, the season we’re entering calls us away from our selfishness into a respite of gathering together in recognition of those things that make all of this stuff we do worthwhile.

Tragedy and unexpected circumstances are a part of the life we live, and knowing we are living in a community that throws open its arms, wallets, and resources to make people’s lives a little bit easier to deal with underscores a willingness to accept the realities of life. Encountering the trials of life is something none of us really like to think about, and sometimes, asking for help can be difficult. Most times, in fact, accepting the help of friends and strangers can be the most difficult part of the unexpected and uninvited turns in life.

Sometimes, we can be our own harshest critics, because there really are many things that would make our community a more attractive place to live, but that aside, I hope we never lose our sense of community and the happiness that comes from knowing we aren’t alone when things don’t go our way and we need a little help.

Enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving and on into the Christmas season, and thanks for being that community that makes me happy when I think about how many people care about each other in the place we call home.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.


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