Lance Scranton: Want to be seen in 2017? |

Lance Scranton: Want to be seen in 2017?

Lance Scranton

Last January, I wrote about how 2016 would be a year to, “Quit thinking you can control everything, lower your expectations of people, and prepare yourself for the realities of life.” I thought that being a bit more rational about the state of humanity might do us all better last year. Well, you have to admit that 2016 was quite a year and one that we will remember for a long time.

I’ve been accused of many things as an opinion columnist for The Craig Daily Press; some of which is opined in public or on social media, and a few who have used my home address to make their views known. If I printed what some of them wrote, you would blush so I will spare you the details. Your freedom to mock and mischaracterize me is what makes our country such a great place to live.

2017 will be a year to remember as well and as we get ready for the next 12 months, I am hopeful that we will be seen for many things including:

Not underestimating who is out to destroy our way of life: Craig has weathered a pretty intense storm the last few years and just because we have a new president who espouses views that favor our economy, there are still those who will use every tool at their disposal to try and fundamentally affect our small community. Keep your eyes, ears and intellect sharp as we take the battle in a new direction.

Not apologizing for wanting more: We are a proud group of locals who dream of better days for our community and our kids and that’s okay! Most of us work hard, pay taxes and give out of the abundance of our beliefs. It isn’t okay for people to tell us that we just need to limp along and do the best we can with what we have. The tone of ingratiating ourselves to those around us was a disturbing aspect of our national culture the past eight years but currying favor by licking the boots of people we disagree with should become an attitude of the past. We have a great community that can be made better if we stand up for what’s right.

Maintaining our sense of humor: Some people just don’t get the fact that armed with self-knowledge, we understand our imperfections and the weaknesses we need to overcome. We can laugh at ourselves and make fun of the things that make us peculiar to our part of the country. But with our sense of understanding who we are, we don’t take ourselves so seriously that we can’t make a joke or trade a few jabs.

I’m not calling out the barbarians but augmenting our attitudes in 2017 with a spirit of courage and determination will serve us well. What I love about small communities is that they don’t have to talk about diversity as some throw away politically correct line because we live diversity everyday. We celebrate the cultural contributions of so many different people in our town because it’s what defines us as a people.

Sure, we’re gonna disagree on some things in 2017, but we will get along just fine!

Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.

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