Lance Scranton: Trigger warning! |

Lance Scranton: Trigger warning!

Lance Scranton

Stop reading now if your humerus bone has been neutralized by political correctness and any discussion of platform (Mac or PC), politics or religion makes you desire a “safe space” (currently available on college campuses only, but coming soon to every arena of expression).

Right now in America we have a choice between a Democrat who can cover up just about anything and a Republican who just combs it over. Sure, we all want to be, “on the right side of history” and feel good as we play the ultimate women’s empowerment card but if the current administration can’t uphold its constitutional duty to protect the citizenry — some will choose to play the Trump card instead. Look out for some interesting (and entertaining) months ahead as people make up their mind about who will lead our great country — a millionaire who builds trust by telling stories (“does it really matter?”) or a billionaire who wants to build walls on the border (“with big beautiful doors”) to keep us safe.

Religion has really gotten a bad rap lately with all the talk about extremism, caliphates and terrorism. Seems like you can’t voice an opinion anymore without being labelled some kind of “phobic.” If I am concerned about Islamic terrorism — I’m Islamophobic, if I ask someone to show some respect for the American flag and what it stands for — I’m a xenophobic colonialist, and if I dare utter the words “Jesus Christ is my Savior” in polite company I’m labelled a coercive, anti-science, denier (and probably misogynistic too!). The trouble with people always labelling me is that they are the same ones who tell me to be inclusive, tolerant and accepting. I’m so confused (likely because I have too much white privilege).

Finally, I am an avowed, fanatical Mac (Apple) user who will never understand the whole Windows thing. Each and every time I see a commercial about a Windows product; I think to myself how it must be so easy just to copy Apple products and then sell them as your own! Sure, anything other than Apple is cheaper but you get what you pay for as I tell my Windows friends who are constantly waiting for their computer to boot up, check for viruses, and hope their smartphone will start being smart. It’s amazing how often (and how emotional) disagreements can become over platforms. I know Apple is a pretty liberal bunch of do-gooders but as someone who lives the credo of being inclusive, accepting and tolerant, I embrace their technological wizardry as I sip on my Starbucks coffee!

Dang it, I forgot about Starbucks, and Christmas (I mean Holidays, Winter Solstice or whatever!) and red cups — but that will have to wait for next week.

Keep smiling everybody — makes the people who don’t like us wonder what we’re up to!

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