Lance Scranton: Traveling down the road together |

Lance Scranton: Traveling down the road together

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Lance Scranton
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If you are traveling over the break, it is safe to say that you’ll recognize some of the familiar characteristics of getting from point A to point B. It is traveling‘s most comforting attribute as you are cruising down the highway, your favorite song on the radio, the temperature is perfect, and you anticipate the destination but the trip itself is part of the adventure.

Living in Northwest Colorado affords many opportunities to head out on the highway and look for adventure or whatever comes our way (thanks Steppenwolf). Whatever your reasons for travel; it is the opportunity that takes place anytime there are more than one in the vehicle. Countless trips are made in which the driver and passenger(s) have one of the most time-honored of human interactions — the conversation!

The conversation takes place almost out of necessity because the close quarters of the cabin make it seem just a little wired unless you are talking to each other. It is one of the best ways to get to know someone better, listen to a long story, or even come to some pretty amazing understandings about each other.

I’ve often thought that if we forced the two individuals running for president to travel together (away from their handlers and echo chambers) and would actually talk to each other; debates would look a whole lot different. Each representative of the myriad special interest groups, focus groups, and the polling data mercenaries would actually take the time to understand what drives people like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Sure, the two candidates scoffed at and scolded each other but I’m certain they had more than a few things in common that a trip together (a third passenger to mitigate obvious points of departure would be necessary) would uncover. It has never been the case that if two people who disagree with each other’s ideas ideologically spend any amount of time together; they wouldn’t find ways to recognize and understand their differences.

People who I’ve been unsure of, or, didn’t know very well, suddenly become all-to-human when we sit down and have a conversation together. So, let’s hear it for less technology and more traveling together. It would make things so much better in our country and with each other. Take a trip, make sure you drive, bring along a couple of people you don’t know very well (but have to deal with) and it is a certainty that upon your arrival, the relationships will be different.

Unless you don’t arrive and then we will know that things didn’t go as this writer predicted!


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