Lance Scranton: The signs are up |

Lance Scranton: The signs are up

Lance Scranton
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From the look of many lawns around town, it appears there has been a shower of signs celebrating an upcoming municipal election in April! Why, they even let you know, by name no less, who you should cast your ballot for on election day. The biggest race seems to be between our incumbent mayor and a council member seeking the lead position in our city government.

If you pay attention to local politics (which you should), it is apparent the two candidates are qualified and ready to take on the challenges of making certain Craig remains a viable city in Northwest Colorado. The two candidates were what we had to choose from until another local announced his intention to run as a write-in candidate. It would appear we might have a spoiler, because it always turns out that the third candidate siphons votes from one candidate, and in a close race, you end up with Bill Clinton instead of a George H. W. Bush second term.

Now, I’m not comparing our local mayoral race to the choices we had back then, but there are some similarities in the particulars when you have to decide between three instead of two. So, the big question is how one decides who to vote for, and that’s no easy chore considering each candidate sounds like he has similar positions on many of the issues people have been talking about locally.

Craig has to make some big decisions moving forward as budgets are increasingly shrinking along with our tax base. We have been reaping the benefits of a city tax increase that has helped supplant some of the things we have been doing to make Craig a more attractive place to live. Signage around town makes it seem as though we are trying to present ourselves a little bit differently to those who visit or are considering moving to a rural town.

Mayors can have major influence in how a town is viewed, and our candidates are subject to the scrutiny that comes with pursuing a political office. All local conversations and gossip aside, I hope the person we choose to lead our city over the next few years will be someone we can count on to make decisions that are in the best interest of the people.

Time will tell.

I know who I’m casting my vote for. I hope you do, too, because it’s almost April!

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.


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