Lance Scranton: The other side |

Lance Scranton: The other side

Lance Scranton

Statues getting torn down. People called racist for their views. Teachers charged with exploiting students. Political parties in an uproar. Doom and Gloom can be found everywhere — even the sun had to take a break this week.

But there is without a doubt more people who care about this country, our politics, our communities and our children than will ever be overshadowed by those who choose a path that is intended for our destruction. The way we fail will be if we choose to start looking around and casting aspersions and quantifying our value at the expense of others.

I’m a career teacher and a member of the Republican party who chooses to worship God by attending church on Sundays. I favor public schools because I know the inherent value of an education in the lives of our most precious resource — children. I defend the rights of those who wish to own guns and I value human life as precious. I write an opinion column for the Craig Press and support the newspaper’s critical role in our community to report the news — even when it isn’t pleasant.

I care deeply about children and consider it a privilege to be employed each day doing my best to influence and instruct young people by my example and knowledge. I spend each day in a school filled with passionate adults who care immeasurably about students and do their best to shape each day so that learning is maximized.

The larger point of the news we are informed by each and every day is that regardless of the story or the reporting; we have a responsibility as a community to get to know each other a little better, listen a little bit more, judge a little less harshly, allow different perspectives to be voiced and to never, ever, ever, allow ourselves to be marched down a path of destruction because of fear, or led down a corridor of hate because we disagree, or wander through hallways of apathy because of mistrust.

I’m inviting all of you to the other side where we can discover the timeless value of community and caring because we choose to make different decisions that will lead to a sense of courageous love and personal involvement in the lives of all who make Moffat County their home.


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