Lance Scranton: The next four years |

Lance Scranton: The next four years

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

As 2016 comes to a frenzied close, people all over the country concern themselves with how the United States will ever survive the next four years under the dictatorship of a mega-billionaire, xenophobic president. Notwithstanding the last eight years of unprecedented ideological, regulatory ransacking of the constitution by the most “tolerant” president in American history.

President Obama once said that elections have consequences and we are about to find out how a hyper-testosterone filled cabinet will manage the next four years. The messenger is sometimes difficult to listen to because conservatives are inherently fairly humble. However, the message seems to be bearing fruit already as the stock market sharpens its indicators in full expectation of a different kind of attitude coming out of Washington D.C. beginning in January.

Sometime ago, I heard someone explain the popular vote and the electoral college using a football analogy. Of course, it made sense: The Clinton team owned the statistical advantage (yards gained, completed passes, etc) but failed to score enough points to win. It makes even more sense as I contemplate what has transpired over the last five weeks since the election. We are a country that heard over and over that the underdog candidate had absolutely no chance of winning because of his personality and propensity for mismanaging his Twitter account. But, what people didn’t realize was how desperate the country was for change and a different kind of leadership at our highest levels.

Our town will hopefully benefit from the change in leadership, but I won’t hold my breath. I still think it’s the people who make the difference. I was officiating hockey games all of last weekend and had the opportunity to work with an official from Vernal. He said he was thinking of relocating to Craig if opportunities allow for it, because he has always liked how he was treated when he came to town. I think sometimes we forget how much of a great community we live in and interactions like this bolster my faith that we will all be just fine.

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