Lance Scranton: The important roles of different dads |

Lance Scranton: The important roles of different dads

Lance Scranton

Fathers play a critical and important role in the success of our culture for a variety of reasons that are well documented.

However, it seems that as with most positions in life based on ourselves becoming less of the focus, the role of a father is becoming less prestigious than it once might have been in a culture that can be very self-centered.

So, to all the fathers out there who regard the responsibility of being a beacon for legitimate and valuable parenting, I salute you and offer the following models of dads that make a difference.

As I was growing up, I never once considered the thought that my father might someday decide to chuck all the responsibility of being a family dad so he could selfishly explore the things he might have “missed” while being married and blame it on a mid-life crisis.

I remember all the sports dads who spent time coaching all the sports that I played growing up and always seemed to have the time to get us to the game, coach us up, and then drop us off safely at home when it was all over and then get off to work the next day.

There was a certain teacher dad who spent a major amount of time with me in junior high telling me that it wasn’t acceptable that I fail and that I needed to get my sorry butt to school early in the morning so he could tutor me to make sure I passed my classes and he never expected any reward.

I remember a certain friend dad who we all knew had a pretty serious drinking problem, whose son was living in a dysfunctional home but whose house was the hub of our youthful activities, giving me some of the best advice I would hear as a youngster: “You guys quit making excuses and get out there and do something with your life.”

I know now that he was fearful we might end up like him.

I’m always amazed that so many fathers, while knowing they aren’t perfect, are able to play so many roles in the lives of young people around them. I guess we realize that the responsibilities of being a father don’t end with our own kids.

It’s easy for most dads to hope to see all their children’s friends be as successful as they hope their own will.

As Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple once said in a speech, “Looking back, it’s easy to connect the dots and see why all the things that happened to me were an important part of making me who I am today.”

But, he went on to explain that it was really difficult looking forward because sometimes the dots made very little sense.

Sometimes fathers help us connect some of those dots.

Thanks, caring dads, for all the different things you do to make Craig a place where fathers are involved in the community.

Happy Father’s Day.

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