Lance Scranton: The holiday conundrum |

Lance Scranton: The holiday conundrum

Lance Scranton

It’s becoming increasingly clear that as the Christmas (holiday, solstice) season approaches; we are apparently supposed to walk on egg shells for fear of offending anyone. I’ve always thought that people tend to overuse the word offend when what they really mean is that they’re annoyed. The logical next step from offending someone is when you do something (you may not even realize) and trigger someone.

This is an issue I read about just about everyday and this kind of thinking seeps into our schools and is already fully functioning in colleges and universities. Students around the country who were offended by the President-elect became triggered by his win and were provided dogs for comfort and passes from final examinations to give them support and time to heal from their obvious discomfort (seriously!).

I know what you are thinking if you are over 25! WOW! I wish I was in college today! I could walk around campus perpetually offended and graduate with straight A’s! At some point I would be looking for a job (if not too stressful) and should an employer not hire me, I would have a built in excuse hang out and live on some kind of assistance and my triggered feelings.

I’ve been teaching and coaching for over 25 years, and if I retreated every time I felt offended or triggered, I wouldn’t have a job (I’ve been not hired and been fired), be married (it took forever for my wife to stop saying “no”), enjoy success (failure is a big part of success), or just get through the day (remember, I teach and coach!).

So, when you are enjoying the next few weeks and a few days off, remember how all these “holidays” came to be and just try to enjoy them whether you celebrate the birth of Christ, contemplate nature’s God (remember Jefferson?) or reminisce about the year that has past. You can even have consuming thoughts about how the classic Christmas song, “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” is somehow about potential rape! I’m glad to give you justice warriors some space and time to figure things out. This is the time of year when we all need to give each other a little more room to enjoy the celebrations (or not) that make up the closing of another year.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.
Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and a coach at Moffat County High School.

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