Lance Scranton: Thanks, Mom |

Lance Scranton: Thanks, Mom

Lance Scranton

So much has been written about the role and importance of mothers that it might be easy for some of us to simply buy card and a box of chocolates this week and call it good. But every year I’m reminded of my mother, whose nurturing and protection were priceless.

Perhaps your Mom was like mine and …

When learning to walk seemed impossible, she taught persistence.

When I was ready to run, she stocked up on bandages.

When I thought I knew everything, she patiently revealed my ignorance.

When I used words that hurt, she showed me how much pain my words can cause.

When I thought only of myself, she took the time to explain the importance of others.

When school wasn’t fun, she showed me how valuable an education would be in my life.

When I didn’t think God was important or real, she let me see the reality of Him without trying to prove his existence.

When I made stupid choices, she never gave up but told me to “wise up.”

When the world seemed to love everything that I did, she made sure I was grounded in the actuality that the world’s tastes change.

When I was considering marriage, she was brave enough to be candid about what I was really like to my future wife.

When a brother and sister were broken by divorce, she was quick to tell me “it takes two to tango” and we should just help and support where we can.

When death and dying affected our clan, she chose to celebrate life.

When my very breath was because of your selfless act of sacrifice and dedication.

Thanks, Mom, for affirming life. Without you, I wouldn’t be who I am today — a reflection of what you value and cherish.

Happy Mother’s Day!