Lance Scranton: Thanks elected officials! |

Lance Scranton: Thanks elected officials!

Lance Scranton

It’s a well-known and acceptable default to place blame on those in public service. Many times the charge is accurate, which is unfortunate because public service should be an honored. Well-meaning letters, editorials and columns have been written over the past few years that have detailed the woes of our city’s lack of economic diversity. We all know the importance of the mines and power plant as economic drivers in our community and they have certainly been taken for granted by many in our community.

We have been able to put things off and curtail tough decisions because we always had the security of a strong economic support system. But, it appears that, “the times, they are a-changin!” I’m gonna kick, scream and fight for the natural resource development that we have enjoyed for many years but, we as a community are going to have some tough questions to deal with in the next few years.

Which leads me to our local public servants who have been elected to help oversee the wellbeing of our county and community. I don’t know of a commissioner or city councilman who isn’t as concerned about our future as most of us are — perhaps even more so because of their position. Our local leaders are working through a myriad of economic development possibilities and being asked to consider decisions now that will take us well into the next ten to twenty years.

It’s an arduous and often thankful task that demands some difficult determinations that we all hope will be effective for our economic future. As a local professional, I hope they will take some chances that involve attracting businesses to Craig. Who knows what Craig is going to look like in 20 years, but we do know that we’ll likely have one less stack at the power plant and coal production will slowly decrease as demand drops. Maybe something will happen and there will be some type of oil, natural gas and coal boom that will give us an economic boost. We know we have the natural resources available but what we need to develop is our other resources that make Craig an attractive place to live.

I just want to say thanks to those who spend a considerable amount of time thinking about our future, going to meetings, and doing their best to promote our community. You should be recognized for your hard work and dedication but most of all for your consideration and diligence. Craig and Moffat County are worth it, and I’m glad you are serving our county. Thanks!

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