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Lance Scranton: Take a break!

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Lance Scranton
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It’s Spring Break season, and a number of people across the country make it a point to make the most of the week long respite by making a far-off destination their home for a few days. Many will travel to all kinds of different places to enjoy some sun and a large dose of relaxation. There’s something about relaxation that just does a body, mind and spirit good. I think getting away is a great idea, and being away from home can help to get the proverbial bearings set on a ready course for summer.

However, there are a select few who, for very different reasons, choose to vacation in very different ways. Some choose to enjoy vacationing at home without traveling the extra miles. How on earth, some might wonder, can you vacation in your own home and be happy about itvor recharge your batteries?

Well, as someone who is a firm believer of taking in-house vacations, a Spring Break adventure in my own house can be an amazing time to rest, relax and recuperate from the busyness of a regular week.

Enjoying a full week of not having to follow a schedule or worry about getting certain things done, and having a few more cups of afternoon coffee has always provided more than enough rechargeable moments. Sitting down to read a book in the early afternoon instead of trying to sneak in a few pages before bedtime is a

welcome and relaxing bit of fortune. Knowing that rolling out of bed at 5 a.m. is not critical for a few days can really be refreshing (even though, at a certain age, the length of hours spent in bed has a direct proportional effect on the stiffness of the old bones and muscles). But, regardless, just having the choice helps make falling

asleep so much more relaxing.

Morning routines are also affected, as the usual workday pressures give way to a calm and relaxing start to the day and planning without the worry and conflict of the many things to get done can turn into a real opportunity to take an intellectual stroll through the needlessness of everyday complications and vexations. Sure, things

still have to be done, but there are so many hours left to relax and let the totality of our human existence wash through our eased and relaxed mind.

OK, so perhaps a week long break from the ordinary would be much better if we were distracted by the charm of a destination, but sometimes, a nice long mental break from the regular, while enjoying the ordinary, can be the most refreshing vacation we take all year.

So, take a break, and remember how far you can travel and how much you can relax without having to leave the house.

Lance Scranton is a teacher and coach at Moffat County High School.