Lance Scranton: Success and Happiness |

Lance Scranton: Success and Happiness

Lance Scranton

As the long, hot days continue in and around Moffat County, I’ve had opportunities to seek shelter and re-read some of the classics and stay abreast of all the happenings around the world and locally.

As Summer continues in waves of heat, it’s a good reminder of what it is that makes people I look up to successful:

I know many people in our area who aren’t afraid to “think big” when it comes to embracing our local culture and diversifying our economy. There are a whole bunch of locals who believe that our western tradition and rural location can be an attractive enterprise for many positive reasons.

Balancing life is something that is hugely important and in a quiet (other than the dogs barking) town like ours, it is a manageable act. So many people who make cities their home are managed more by their drive time than their down time. Choosing to validate those things that make life worthwhile is what the balance demands.

For anyone to succeed it is paramount that they have some kind of an action plan that details specifically what needs to be done. Like most people, I can veer off course unless I have a list that details the things I need to get done. It’s much easier to garner the attitude of success when you have concrete (usually written) plans that you can revisit, celebrate or make adjustments.

I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by friends and professionals in Moffat County who make the habit of hard work pay dividends. Working hard at the right things is important and part of clarifying your actions but a firmly ingrained attitude of hard work will get you through the difficult times and set you squarely on the road to success.

I have never met someone who is truly successful in the long term who doesn’t display integrity. You do what you say you are going to do and people can trust your words. This is a difficult one in a postmodern world beset with moral relativism but our local culture values honor, integrity and commitment.

Success looks different to everyone but one thing is for certain: Choosing to work at that which you really love and practicing successful habits will lead to a life of happiness which Aristotle determined was the highest virtue. The happiest people I know in and around Craig hold onto some well-established ideals that make their lives a success.