Lance Scranton: Spring invigorates the soul |

Lance Scranton: Spring invigorates the soul

Lance Scranton
Lance Scranton

Dust off your perspective.

Spring has sprung around town and our local public schools have this week set aside as break time. Officially referred to as Spring Break, a week off that prepares us for the frenetic finish to the school year. Some people use the break to travel and enjoy the sunshine while others use the week to get a few things done around the house.

What makes spring so exciting isn’t just looking forward to a week without school, but the realization that summer is just around the corner. The expectation centers around the combination of changes and choices. Spring just seems to awaken all the excitement and energy that carries us all the way into fall. Hopes, dreams, goals and possibilities appear sharper and more focused as the snow melts away, trees start to blossom, and the grass gets some color back.

There is something about the re-awakening of the natural that lifts our spirits and invigorates the soul. It isn’t that old problems and issues suddenly disappear, but that the opportunity to figure things out is our desire. Maybe it’s the pleasant weather, warmer sun, or longer days that make potential more than just a word about what might be.

We dust off our viewpoint, open up the windows of our perspective and allow the fresh air of possibility to breeze through our attitude. Spring just makes life seem full of potential mixed with the channeling of our attitude toward the inevitability of the human condition. Spring will turn into summer; it will get hotter, the lawn will need water, the house will seem too warm and the days too hot, but it doesn’t matter because through it all, we still look forward to long days, cool nights and the endless possibilities that spring has packaged and summer delivers.

Are you still stuck in the winter doldrums? Let the sun shine in, the fresh airflow, dust off your perspective and make spring a season of hope. Celebrate and take time to ponder the resurrection of hope and the eternal of possibilities.

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